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Roofing Information

Our main primary business model has been built on installing new roofing, as well as maintaining existing roofing systems. By performing the highest quality roofing and roofing systems contracting and maintenance with a high level of attention to detail in our area of service we have earned many satisfied customers.


Our main primary business model has been built on installing, and maintaining roofing. By performing the highest quality roofing and roofing systems contracting with the highest level of ATTENTION TO DETAIL in our area of service we have earned many satisfied customers.
El Shaddai Construction Has the experience & expertise to handle most any residential, commercial, industrial or specialized roofing project.
We take great pride in all the construction work we perform and attempt to achieve the highest quality standards, longevity and professionalism in all we do.
We would appreciate and value the opportunity to bid on your next roofing project. Residential and Commercial Roofing is our passion & we are highly SPECIALIZED in Roof Recovery Systems!
Many Industrial and Commerical Roofs can be repaired and coated or cleaned, properly prepared, and re-coated which will SAVE THOUSANDS of dollars over the cost, downtime, and inconvenience of installing a NEW roof system.
Also, in addition, it is important to consider that the typical Reflective WHITE roof coating can and will PAY FOR ITSELF over time in INCREASED ENERGY SAVINGS.
All of our materials & coatings are both FACTORY MUTUAL & UL APPROVED.


We are CERTIFIED ER SYSTEMS and SEALOFLEX commercial, industrial 

and residential roof coatings application technicians.

We also offer complete removal and reinstalling of EPDM, HYPALON, TPO, PVC, & CPA Membrane Roofing.

Also offering modified bitumen, torchdowns, and hot tar systems with gravel, etc.

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