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Tips on Hiring a Professional Roofing Contractor in Thomasville or Thomas County, Georgia

Obviously, It is vitally important to have a well-maintained, functioning roof system over your home. Your home is probably one of your most important assets and holds inside it all your most precious material possessions. Have a leak-free, well maintained roof is one of the most important ways in which you can protect your home. Taking time annually and especially during storm season to periodically visually check over your roofs surface, its flashing, ridge caps and roof vents is very important in preventing major repairs before they get out of hand. Sometimes you may have obvious visually apparent problems, such as:


Granular loss or moss / algae growth
Damaged flashing
Leaking or water damage
Curling or rotting of shingles or shakes
Missing shingles

If you see any of these roofing concerns occurring it is very important to be proactive rather than reactive to the problems you may see. Hiring a professional roofing contractor is extremely important. It is important to note that, inspecting your roof for problems does not always lead to having your roof replaced. Above all, make certain you hire a trusted, licensed and insured roofing contractor in Thomasville Georgia.

A licensed, insured Roofing Contractor in Thomasville, GA such as El Shaddai construction and home improvements, Inc. can offer and perform a free inspection of your roof which can be performed from the ground or may also be done by walking the roof.

You may, as a property owner, opt to perform the annual or semi-annual roof inspection on your own.

Please note that some warning signs, however, will not be so obvious and may require a trained professional performing a thorough inspection of the roof to identify. It is in your best interest to have an inspection done if you are experiencing any problems, or even if you think your roof may be reaching the end of its serviceable and useful life.

Put your mind at ease with a free roof inspection from the roofing contractor experts at El Shaddai Home Improvements and Construction. Taking this preventative step it could save you hundreds of dollars in future repair costs. We are trained professionals who can provide you with insight as to your best options for further protecting your home and the maintenance of your roof system. Our crews are trained in specialty roofing installations, Cedar Shake & Shingle, Synthetic Cedar, Slate, Synthetic Slate, Composition & Architectural, Tile, Flat, Metal and Gutter systems.

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