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El Shaddai Outreach Ministry 

Dove Of Serenity!

This webpage is designated for El Shaddai Construction Inc. evangelic outreach ministry.

It is our sincere hope and desire to preach and help teach the gospel of the Christian bible to all who want a personal relationship with the Lord.

It is our heartfelt desire to be "fisher's of men" and to carry the good news and the hope and compassion that Jesus Christ brings to humanity thru HIS word to all people who hunger and who are searching for Gods love and God plan for their individual lives. 

We cannot do this alone as the net is too small and the ocean of souls, too large. Our small grass roots ministry is in need of a preferably later model Class A Motorcoach so we can evangelize across the southern states, starting in the great state of Georgia.

At this time we are unable to financially carry the burden of an additional vehicle payment, but we are asking the Lord God to provide this vehicle for us in some way, for the specific purpose of carrying the message of God's love and the grace that having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ can bring.

If you are reading this and you have a Class A Motorhome in good running condition that you would like to TRADE/BARTER for high quality carpentry or remodeling services such as a complete kitchen or bathroom makeover, re-roofing or extreme makeover, we would gladly consider bartering or offering to trade our contractor/construction services and furnishing the required construction materials as a form of payment to help compensate you for your motorcoach, that can be used as a mobile evangelical church outreach vehicle.

You will be blessed for your HELP in this area. Please pray about it and ask God for guidence and direction and then, let your heart be your guide.

You may contact Micah Meeks at 229-294-2800 if you can meet this need or have questions regarding our request. 

From El Shaddai Construction, Inc. & El Shaddai Evangelic Outreach, may you and your family be blessed and may the glory and salvation that comes only by the blood shed for your salvation, healing, deliverance, provision and protection be always flowing and available for you and your family.

Remember today, that Jesus not only wants to be your personal savior, but your personal healer and closest friend, as well.

We thank you for your time and interest and sincerely pray you will be a part of our desire to minister to and bring the message of salvation and eternal life thru accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

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Call Micah, Project Manager (229) 224-9667 or (229) 294-2800 for more information!


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